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lismoa is a new EC infrastructure service that can be used immediately. Compatible with multi-channel such as amazon and eBay, you can centrally manage orders, stocks and sales. Please try it for free first.
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Can you manage backyards of EC selling complexly intertwined?

Although sales on multi platforms have become common nowadays, management such as inventory, sales, product information and so on has become more complicated.

The main complications are the difference in orders csv format of the sales platform, diversification of sales and purchase currency, diversification of delivery carriers, increase in the number of suppliers and products handled.

If these can not be managed accurately, sales can not be accounted correctly and you can not review the business with a macro line of sight.
Also, even if it can be recorded correctly, it is necessary to devote much resources.

Unified management of EC sales backyards with lismoa

By introducing lismoa, you can centrally manage back-yards of complicated EC sales.

Easily manage daily order receipt / shipment management, stock in and out, etc.
In addition to that, you can automatically calculate and browse all sales and gross profit calculations by goods and orders, entrance / discharge history, etc.

Therefore, by doing daily backyard work in lismoa,
You can greatly reduce the resources that had been taking up due to sales and stock inventory.

What lismoa Can Do

Lismoa's mission is to prepare infrastructure of all the incidental works related to EC sales

Lismoa has infrastructure to make it easy to scale everything, such as sales channels, merchandise and sales. lismoa is a frenzied force to deliver better things to more customers.


Automatically take orders, and manage orders until shipment is completed.


For ordering and delivery, you can output csv for software corresponding to each delivery carrier.


By pre-registering purchase costs and shipping costs, automatically calculate sales and gross margins from order data.


Because it has acquired real-time exchange rate, it corresponds to multi-currency of purchase and sales.


You can centrally manage inventory of multiple bases on lismoa. Inventory sharing with other users is also possible.


By processing orders to suppliers on lismoa, order history and inbound plan are automatically created.


You can centrally manage warehousing schedule to multiple bases, inbound processing and stock replenishment, back order assignment.


You can do transfer between bases in lismoa, and processing outbound to warehouses such as FBA.

Sales Pages

Multilingual product page contents for multiple sales channels can be centrally managed on lismoa.


From management in minimum units of products, lismoa supports bundle products and multiple quantity.


For products, you can manage brands tied to products.


By registering the UPC/EAN code issued by your company in advance, you can automatically assign it when creating the product page.

Our Strength

Start Today

With Google or Facebook account, you can create an account and use it immediately.
Troublesome initial setting is also minimal.
If you like it, you can also make detailed settings that match your business.

No Additional Fees

Monthly fee is fixed amount, there is no usage fee. Free plan is free for a long time.
The plan change is automatically calculated on a daily basis, and the difference is adjusted at the next update, so you can freely change the plan.

High Usability

Born on the actual EC selling scenes, it was released after many updates while a couple of years.
lismoa is a system developed with a team with EC experience, so it is a specification that can be used on the spot immediately.

About lismoa team

Our lismoa team has experience of actually conducting EC projects with annual sales of several million dollars.

Good service should be born in the field. In parallel with the 6 years of experience in the EC business, we have been developing the system which becomes the prototype of lismoa for more than 3 years.

We have also worked with more than 3,800 different EC operators in EC consulting, seminars and releasing EC related services.

In addition to those support projects, lismoa was born, making full use of the company’s cross-border EC of more than seven languages and the experience of more than 13 multi-platforms.

In order to make lismoa so born as the infrastructure of all EC business in the future, we develop daily, aim to expand service, and support users.

Support Users
Selling Country
Selling Platform

Be the infrastructure of EC sales in the world.

From what we have learned from our experience in the EC business,
That means that EC selling backyards can be more convenient.

We believe that infrastructure for that is lismoa.

Feedbacks from lismoa Users

“I am selling merchandise on Amazon main, but as the quantity increased, I felt the limit on sales management in Excel. In such a case I met lismoa in good timing. Order and sales commission will be automatically entered if you link Amazon store accounts, and you can set up accurate sales and profit list without permission simply by shipping on lismoa flow! Graph is also attached and motivation goes up! What was wasted time so far ... I should consider lismoa before I regret like me! It is recommended!”

lismoa user

“The first thing to do when starting EC is new listing. Until now, I could not find a good way to manage the information on items that I had listed, and my exhibition from across the platform became from the side. My mind is going down, is not it? I was looking for something good selling tools, but I found lismoa and tried new exhibition. When new listings are made with lismoa, information is stocked in lismoa itself. Not only the dimensions and variations of the products, but also the images! You do not have to allocate JAN codes yourself, and it will be helpful to do it automatically!”

lismoa user

“I felt there was nothing but a system that was actually made by those who were on sale. We have been able to refer to detailed data such as sales by product / period / platform, we were able to shorten the calculation work time so far. Since you can also check the number of items sold in variations and product units, you can do as a guideline at stock purchase, you can make an accurate judgment based on data rather than ambiguous judgment. Before using useless time like me, I recommend you to try it once first ^ ^”

lismoa user

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does lismoa support?

Currently it corresponds to, Future plans are also planned for eBay, Shopify, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping and so on.

Can I use it on Mac OS?

Since lismoa is available on the browser, installation is unnecessary. Therefore, OS can be used regardless of Mac or Windows.

Can I use it even for beginners?

For information on how to operate lismoa, a help page is available. Also, we have chat support, so even beginners can use it with confidence.

Can I use multiple amazon accounts?

Yes, you can work with multiple amazon accounts on each country region.

Can I use it all the time for free?

You can use it free of charge. However, we recommend using lismoa ‘s core functions as a paid plan.

Which browsers are supported?

Although it works with any browser, we recommend Google Chrome.
Also, please note that if you disable JavaScript in browser settings, it will not work properly.

Please tell me the recommended environment of PC.

Basically there is no problem as long as you can browse the web.

I do not know how to use lismoa.

On the help page, we guide each operation method. Also, since we are accepting inquiries by chat at any time after creating an account, please do not hesitate to consult us.

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Application for a free trial is limited to one time.
When linking with amazon with lismoa, a professional seller account is required.
Since lismoa is MWS authentication token type, MWS developer ID is unnecessary.

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