lismoa Pricing Plan


¥ 0

/MoPermanently free

No hidden charge

SOHO who is entrusted with work at lismoa,
For businesses wanting to share inventory only

After applying for a free trial,
Please switch to the Free plan


¥ 5500

/Mo (Tax in)Free 2 months with annual payment

For annual payment: ¥4583 / Mo

Individual business owner,
and small business corporations

30 Days Free Trial


¥ 22000

/Mo (Tax in)Free 2 months with annual payment

For annual payment: ¥18333 / Mo

Medium-sized businesses
with sales of more than $ 100,000

After applying for a free trial,
You can switch to Pro plan at any time

  • During the free trial period, you can try all features of the Lite plan.
  • After the free trial period, if you do not register a credit card, it will switch automatically to Free plan.
  • If you switch to the Pro plan during the free trial period, you can immediately use the Pro plan function./span>

Functions comparison by plan

Function Details Free Lite Pro
Accounts Number of integration stores 0 3 15
Number of team members 1 5 Unlimited
Listings Import product data ◯ (API, CSV) ◯ (API, CSV)
Selling products management
Create sale page Soon Soon
List a product Soon Soon
Orders Import orders ◯ (API, CSV) ◯ (API, CSV)
Number of orders limit 1,000/Mo※1 1,000/Mo※1 Unlimited
Shipping management ※2
Export shipping label ※2
Stocks Manage stocks on bases ※3
Purchase processing ※3
Inbound processing ※3
Outbound (Transfer) processing ※3
Sales Recent sales
Sales by product ※4
Sales by order
Sales by 
lismoa Network Shared bases
Shared stocks – Purchase
Shared stocks – Sell
Transaction fee (Seller) 2.0% 1.5% Free

*1 If the number of orders per month exceeds 1,000, it will not be displayed from the 1,001 th item, so please consider switching to the Pro plan.
*2 Although it is not possible to link store accounts, it is possible to process orders ordered on lismoa, shared inventory, and orders assigned as delivery bases from other accounts.
*3 It is not possible to add a new base. It can be managed only by one default location.
*4 Top 10 items can be browsed for sales by product unit.

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